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Office Hours


Monday through Friday


Phone: 925.242.3200

Fax: 925.830.9595

Attendance Line: 925.242.3299

Staff Directory

Contact Christine Offerman  Christine Offerman Principal
Office Staff
Contact Karen Morelli  Karen Morelli Office Assistant
Contact Cheryl Reeves  Cheryl Reeves Office Manager
second grade
Contact Luci Choi  Luci Choi Teacher
Contact Lizzy Dobberpuhl  Lizzy Dobberpuhl Teacher
Contact Karina Han  Karina Han Teacher
Contact Cristy Schaad  Cristy Schaad Teacher
4/5 Combo Class
Contact Linda Venturino  Linda Venturino Teacher
Contact Dominique Bolger  Dominique Bolger Teacher
Contact Elizabeth Fassbinder  Elizabeth Fassbinder Teacher
Contact Sarah Garcia  Sarah Garcia Teacher
Contact Lisa Jones  Lisa Jones Teacher
Contact Annmarie McHugh  Annmarie McHugh Teacher
Contact Tyler Rosecrans  Tyler Rosecrans Teacher
Contact Sandra Webb  Sandra Webb Pre-School Teacher
Support Teachers and Staff
Contact Brian Bonilla  Brian Bonilla PE Teacher
Contact Mary Carter  Mary Carter Rainbow para
Contact Katrina Deliramich  Katrina Deliramich Librarian
Contact Susan Dhillon  Susan Dhillon Teacher, Resource
Contact Kim Lawrence  Kim Lawrence Science Teacher
Contact Kelsey Loecher  Kelsey Loecher TSA
Contact Anna Mooney  Anna Mooney Rainbow
Contact Kaci Piona  Kaci Piona Science Teacher
Contact Carole Stothers  Carole Stothers TSA
Contact Daphne Thomas Mirr  Daphne Thomas Mirr (925) 242-3247 Speech-Language Pathologist
Para Professionals
Contact Julie Birnbaum  Julie Birnbaum 4th grade para
Contact Aruna Hampapur  Aruna Hampapur Third Grade Para
Contact Zenobia Latheef  Zenobia Latheef 5th Grade Para
Contact Kavita Maheshwary  Kavita Maheshwary Kindergarten para
Contact Michelle Rodrigue  Michelle Rodrigue 2nd Grade PARA