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BCPTA Leadership

PTA Board 2021/2022

PTA Chairpersons


Student Education Programs 

  • Birthday Books Chair, Lorissa Wayne

  • Family Reading Night Chairs, Meghan Liese and Suneet Kahlon

  • Reflections Chair, Trisha Gunning

  • Spelling Bee Chair, Adriane Marsh

  • Science Night Chair, Kim Lawrence

Open Positions:

  • Breakfast Book Club

  • Special Needs Chair


Community Building Programs

  • Inclusion and Diversity Chair, Sudhir Singh

  • Back to School Hospitality Chair, Rosie Esquivias

  • Donuts with Loved Ones Chair, Rosie Esquivias

  • International Festival Co-Chair,  Suneet Kahlon

Open Positions

  • Sister School Chair          

  • Family Focused Hospitality Events           

  • International Festival Co-Chair  

  • PTA Honorary Service Awards Chair         

  • Talent Show Co-Chairs, Seema Guatam


Fundraiser and School Support

  • Teacher Appreciation Co-Chairs, Madelene Kane & Lisa Daver

  • Kids Night Out Chairs, Sofia Vasania

  • Restaurant Nights Fundraising Chair, Audrey Pao

Open Positions:

  • Volunteer Service Chair

  • Library Liaison  

  • Fifth Grade Promotion Chair       

  • Room Parent Coordinator           

  • Spirit Wear Chair, Lanelle Bold            

  • Membership Chair


  • Marquee: Lanelle Bold

Open Positions:

  • Newsletter Editor, Christy Diana 

  • Yearbook Chair, Audrey Pao