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BCPTA Leadership

Bollinger Canyon PTA Leadership 2019/2020

Michelle Vu

Vice President, Executive

Pam Ferrill



Sasha Grant


Audrey Pao


Proletarian and Historian

Beth Flowers


Financial Secretary

Mike Liese




Christina Vigilia

BCPTA Committee Leads 2018/2019


Student Education Programs

Assemblies Chair


Birthday Books Co-Chairs

Lorissa Wayne and Sharon Qi 

Family Reading Night Chair

Lorissa Wayne

Breakfast Book Club Co-Chairs

Christina Vigilia and Beth Flowers

Fine Arts Mini Experience (FAME) Chair  Shaunice Alikian

Math Night Chair


Poem in My Pocket Chair

Trisha Gunning

Reflections Chair

Trisha Gunning

Special Needs Chair

Ritu Kumari

Spelling Bee Chair

Adriane Marsh

Science Night Chair

Marta Wicke


Health and Safety Programs

Hearing and Vision Testing Coordinator


Health and Safety Supply Chair

Mohan Natarajan

Red Ribbon Week


Run Club Co-Chairs

Meghan Liese and Open

Words Matter Week Chair

Sasha Grant


Community Building Programs

Diversity Chair

Sasha Grant

PTA Honorary Service Awards Chair

Vani Battula

Run for Education Chair


School Beautification Chair

Audrey Pao

Sister School Co-Chairs

Katherine Houk and Marisha Hopson


Family Focused Hospitality Events

Back to School Hospitality 
Welcome Back Coffee
Ice Cream Social

Shaunice Alikian and Pam Ferrill

Donuts with Loved Ones Co-Chairs

Gabriela Gluck and Tania Macgee

International Festival Co-Chairs

Shree Arunkumar and Farha Rasheed

New Family Social Chair

Pam Ferrill 

Parent Education

Megha Narang

Talent Show Co-Chairs

Tabassum Rashid and Seema Gautum


School Volunteers Services

Copy Aids Chair

Vivian Connelly 

EdFund Liaison

Elizabeth Flowers

Library Liaison

Lorissa Wayne

Noon Duty Chair


Fifth Grade Promotion Co-Chairs

Pam Ferrill 

Registration Chair

Michelle Vu

Room Parent Co-Chairs

Katherine Houk and Michelle Vu

Teacher Appreciation Co-Chairs

Trisha Gunning and Open


Ways and Means: Fundraising

Box Tops for Education Chair


Kids Night Out Chairs

Sofia Vasania and Megha Narang

Registration/Membership Drive

Pam Ferrill

Restaurant Nights Chair

Marta Wicke

Spirit Wear Chair

Philina Abbott


Communications and Publications

Communications Chair

Pam Ferrill




Cathy White

School Directory

Pam Ferrill 

Yearbook Chair

Vivian Connelly