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  • Emma Gehrman


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About Me:

College and Degree ~ 

Boston University, Boston, MA ~ BA Psychology & Cultural Anthropology

Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, NY ~ MA Early Childhood Education/Early Childhood Special Education

Teaching Experience & Philosophy ~

This is my fifth year teaching at Bollinger Canyon Elementary, a community of dedicated teachers and families that strive to enrich students' school experiences and develop lifelong learners.

In my practice, ongoing, purposeful observation and documentation shape my assessment and planning processes, to strategically engage and support individual students as they learn and grow. I view my young students’ families and primary caregivers as critical members of my teaching team. To provide my students with equitable opportunities for growth, development, and learning, I strive to build open, flexible, and ongoing lines of communication with my students and their families. The nature and quality of the student-teacher relationship is central to the early childhood experience. Therefore, I strive to develop and foster respectful, authentic relationships my students and provide differentiated instruction, support, and guidance.

Little Known Interesting Facts or Information about Me ~

I live in Dublin with my partner, Dylan, and our beloved cat, Quentin. I will have tons of funny stories to share with the students about my adventures with Dylan and Quentin's crazy antics. 

My family is from Wisconsin, and consequently, I am an avid Green Bay Packers fan! I am an aunt to my younger brother's amazing twin four-year-old daughters, who I love very much and tend to spoil when I'm home during holiday breaks.

I learned to ski as an adult, and Dylan and I always love taking full advantage of Tahoe's rivaled ski season!

Emma Gehrman

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